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It was and honor to photograph this amazing lady. Rosa ist a trainer who approached me to create the portraits for her new website. I saw this studio portrait of her on the red background. It was not part of her concept, but she allowed me to take this picture of her, after we were done with everything. I’m glad I asked.


Stefan Oechsle, Fotos: © Ingrid Hertfelder

Ein mega spannendes Shooting zum Interview mit dem 36 Jahre jungen Stefan Oechsle, Geschäftsführer von Josef Oechsle GmbH & Co. KG in Bühl, schon in 4. Generation der Landmaschinen-Experte für Landwirte, Obstbauern, Winzer und Gartenfreunde in Baden und der Ortenau.

Stefan ist ein aussergewöhnlicher Mensch mit Geschichten so interessant, dass ich beinahe vergessen habe zu fotografieren. ? Gestern erschienen im Acher und Bühler Boten. Lest und seht selbst.

Wonderful shooting at the interview with Stefan Oechsle, 36 years young CEO of Josef Wechsle GmbH & Co. KG in Bühl, 4th generation expert for agricultural machinery for farmers, vintners and gardeners in Baden and Ortenau.

Stefan is an extraordinary human, with stories that were so exciting that I almost dropped the camera. ? See and read for yourself. 

Klaus & Wiedann Immobilien

A new partnership, these two real estate brokers called us with the request of to create their online profile with images that reflect their core values of high standards, distinguished, yet warm and approachable.  I believe we got just that.  Wonderful working with these guys!